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Exit from Religion
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About this accountThis account was intended only as a stamp account, I do not see any other intentions for other works to be posted here since they would otherwise be posted on my main account.
This account:
-Is intended for stamps, and stamps only
-I am about as active on as my main account
-Is not a troll account, I may have unpopular opinions but this does not make me a troll
Free requests:
-Fuck yeah, tell me what you want me to make and I'll make it, otherwise if I disagree with it, I won't make it
-Free requests are accepted because sometimes, I get a stamp block
About me:
-I am an atheist, although I can also be identified as a humanist or antitheist, I am fascinated with transhumanism though
-Although I am not registered in any party, I consider myself a Democrat
-I am male, although you probably knew that already
-I am also half-white and half-Native American, although I identify myself as a Native American before anything else
-I'm also bisexual, no, this doesn't mean I'm oh-so horny for guys
All stamps are made in PhotoScape.
Need to know if I think you're a dumbass? Consult this guide:
An Updated Shit ListSince I changed and some fucking shit, I feel the need to make this, because fuck you, that's why.
If you fill in any of these criteria, then I think you're a dumb cunt who should go fuck themselves.
Inspired by:
If you:
-Are anti-choice/anti-abortion/"pro-life"/pro-fetus, especially if you pull out the bullshit "Not Your Body" card.
-Think that crisis pregnancy centers are good things.
-You support abstinence-only education/promote abstinence.
-Hate abstinence because you have to "drive it before you buy it".
-Defend pedophilia, child porn, child marriage, etc.
-Have said shit like "keep your legs closed", or if you believe that sex is for reproduction.
-Don't believe in transgenderism.
-Are homophobic, lesbophobic, acephobic, biphobic, panphobic, heterophobic, etc.
-Disagree with LGBT marriage, LGBT parenting, etc.
-Think that pansexuals want to fuck everyone. :|
-Defend the N



  • Listening to: The Hoosiers - Cops and Robbers
  • Playing: Skyrim and New Vegas


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
My username is a Borderlands reference, and this is merely a stamp account, all non-stamp art would be posted on my primary account.

People who have blocked me (other accs included): Lost count. :stare:
People who blocked me on this account: 1
Warnings I have received (other accs included): 11
Suspensions received (on other accounts): 2
Suspensions received (on PlayStation Network): 2 + one PSN ban
Times my deviations have been added to "hate collections": 7
Number of groups I'm blocked from (includes all accounts): 1
I'm-The-One-Stamp by Zegasi

I am bisexual, but that does not I'm gonna be so fucking easy, I'm harder than the average man, sure; a friend and I had casual cybersex but that does mean I'm gonna e-fuck you.

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I know you're inactive, but I had a dream about you last night.

You made a journal (even though you've been inactive for around 2 years) saying there was a shooting in your school (even though you're likely out of school by now). You also said you hated a lot of things. I commented saying I was glad you're okay or something like that.

It was a... unusual dream. But I... kinda liked it.
ThatRandomSpiderfox Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Gavin-The-Bunny Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016
Dead account :c
"The reason why I support slut shaming is because if I had a wife, and she got raped or so she said, I'd divorce that fuckin' bitch. And if she ask why, it's because she didn't defend herself and let herself get raped, I don't car if she could defend herself, she should have gone to a fucking bar or worked at a strip club in the first fuckin' place."

Wow. I know that you don't "agree with this stamp anymore" but the fact that you once made this stamp and wrote that in the first place makes you a grotesque human being. I can only hope you have some social development issue that makes you less able to comprehend how horrific that statement is.
Channeleven Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Lol, this prude couldn't hold onto one account.

Oh, :icontumbleweedplz:
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